Södra Kajen Quay in Sweden

In Stockholm's Södra Kajen, a previous oil port, we are laying the foundations for a new residential area. In the project, we work both on shore and at sea.

In our project at the Södra Kajen quay, contract ordered by the City of Stockholm, we are demolishing the oil quay constructed in late 1800s and replacing it with infrastructure for the designed residential area.

The earthworks on the site require special competence. Once the oil port was still operating, plenty of oil leaked into the soil so it must first be cleaned before the construction work can begin.

The contract includes the remediation of the 300-metre-long and 40-metre-wide beach section. The finer soil will be removed but stones over 150 millimetres can be taken to a crushing plant as they will not be contaminated.

After the earthworks and renovation work, we will also fix up the old pier and install water piping and plumbing for the buildings. In addition, we will construct the stormwater drainage.

Piling and matching the platform are the next important stages. In addition to the sheet pile to be erected at the pier's edge, two pile rows running in the direction of the beach will be immersed in the ground for the duration of the pier demolition and repair work as a temporary support structure.

The new pier will have the appearance of one built in the 1800s as its outermost edge will be paved with the stones from the old pier.

Working in and under water

The sea poses its own challenges to the project. At times the project involves working on a float and sometimes underwater. When the sea is rough, it makes the work more difficult, not to mention the underwater work. Also the marine traffic from the close-by terminals restricts the work as it's impossible to work in water once the ships are arriving and departing.


Södra Kajen Quay
City of Stockholm