Rantala - modern apartments in Russia

People in Sosnovyi Bori in Russia are eagerly waiting for the completion of Rantala, a new housing complex. The nuclear power plant under construction in the area has increased the need for housing in this small, yet important town.

The housing complex in Sosnovyi Bori, which lies some 100 km west of St. Petersburg, combines the shades of light grey, grey and white and consists of ten parts with 10 to 18 storeys. The total floor area of the complex is approximately 59,000 square metres, and the building will have 766 apartments and office and business premises.

The apartments have one to six rooms. The two-storey, six-bedroom apartments are situated in the upper storeys with a fine view over the Gulf of Finland. There will be a separate playground for children in the yard.

The focus in planning the apartments is on high quality and functional floor plans. For example, the apartments have over 10 square metre spacious, modern kitchens, and dressing rooms, entryway cabinets and balconies with large windows.

New technology for the Russian market

The construction combines the use of wall elements and cast-in-situ structures, which is new on the housing market in Russia. With the method, the construction work can be completed up to approximately 15 per cent faster.

The apartments have automated ventilation. We pay careful attention to the quality of ventilation as well as sound proofing. We apply sound proofing lining in all of our sites in Russia in connection with casting lean concrete. Before the commissioning of the building, we investigate the noise level with laboratory tests when the lift or ventilation is running.


Rantala residential building
Holding TITAN-2
Sosnovyi Bor, Russia