Maintenance and upkeep of Northern Espoo’s roads and property outdoor areas

Our area contract in Northern Espoo includes the maintenance and year-round upkeep of roads, outdoor areas and the common yard areas of properties. 

Careful and well-timed maintenance of outdoor areas and streets improves safety and comfort. Through our service and maintenance work, we extend the life cycle of the investments made.

Our year-round area contract with the City of Espoo covers the following management and maintenance work:

  • Snow ploughing, antiskid treatment, snow removal and thawing culverts
  • Greenery landscaping, such as traffic greenery, grass cutting, border cutting, tree and bush care
  • Cleanliness of city streets, rubbish collection, removal of grit and rubbish, dust suppression, etc.
  • Winter and summer work in the area’s common yard areas: schools, day-care centres, playgrounds and sports fields
  • Health check for trees, annual inspections and inspections of play and activity equipment and their bases.

Whenever required, we also handle with professional skill other work, such as digging ditches, asphalt patching work, gravelling, tree felling, road repairs, yard construction, roof snow removal, traffic sign installation and repairs.