Lagedi multilevel junction construction in Estonia

The Tallinn bypass flyover and the widened lanes will increase safety and guarantee a better flow of traffic for decades. 

We are building the Lagedi multilevel junction on the heavily congested Tallinn bypass. The contract includes two 104-metre bridges, a pedestrian underpass, cycling and pedestrian lanes and 3.2 kilometres of new road. 

Widening the road called for a solid foundation in the middle of wetlands, requiring removal of some of the turf. We worked in winter to prevent our equipment from sinking into the bog.

What made the contract especially demanding was the railway line running through the construction site. At the busy interchange of road and rail traffic, installation of lighting, railway cables, communication networks and power cables takes place in exceptional conditions. We scheduled our work above the railway for nighttime, making it possible to occasionally interrupt rail traffic. 

The Lagedi multilevel junction and widening of the bypass will be completed in January 2018. 


Lagedi multilevel junction
Estonian Road Administration