Construction of Vermontie south in Espoo, Finland

We are in charge of the construction of Vermontie south and its minor streets, with associated foundation reinforcement.

In the next few years, the Vermo area in Espoo is turning into a modern and green urban environment, providing homes for more than 5,000 new residents. The new residential area needs a well-functioning basic infrastructure: roads, streets, water pipes and sewers. We are in charge of the extensive infrastructure construction and landscaping in the area. 

The area is old seabed with extremely soft soil. This means that massive stabilisation and extensive flood protection are needed. Approximately 60 kilometres of reinforced concrete piles and more than 500 kilometres of stabilisation piles were driven into the clayey soil. There is altogether 15,000 square metres of pile-supported slabs. 

The path for new apartment buildings was cleared by demolishing the old Siemens headquarters, for instance. We utilise the resulting crushed concrete in the structural layers of the streets. 

We started working in the area in spring 2017 and work will be completed in autumn 2018. After that, residential construction in the area will get up to full speed. 


Construction of Vermontie south
City of Espoo