Highway 21 repair work between Muonio and Kilpisjärvi

We have repaired structures and widened and paved sections of Highway 21 between Muonio and Kilpisjärvi. Thanks to the repairs done, the road is now safer to use. The route sees a great deal of lorry traffic and tourists.

We are carrying out the Highway 21 repair contract in the municipalities of Muonio and Enontekiö. The total length of road to be repaired is approximately 60 kilometres. Work began in May 2017 and most of it has now been completed. In spring 2018, we will continue work by, for instance, shaping ramps.

The contract encompasses road widening and paving as well as structural improvements. We widened and paved 45 kilometres of the road north of Muonio. On the south side of Kilpisjärvi, we removed palsas, also known as frost heaves. In Kilpisjärvi, we widened and paved some 15 kilometres of road.

The Muonio–Palojoensuu road is a route for heavy traffic from Sweden and Norway. The Karesuvanto–Kilpisjärvi road is the main artery between the economic regions of Northern Finland and Tromsø in Northern Norway as well as the only road connection to Kilpisjärvi. The road is highly significant for local business life, tourism and especially the Norwegian fishing industry. Thanks to the repair contract, the road now meets the current highway requirements. The most important procedure was the widening of the road, which improved safety on the road significantly.

The contract is part of the more extensive E8Kolari–Kilpisjärvi (Aurora) project that creates a test area and knowledge centre for intelligent traffic automation in arctic conditions in Fell Lapland.

Repair contract sites:

  • Site 1: Muonio–Palojoensuu, 45 kilometres
    Road widening, mixmilling, foam bitumen stabilisation and paving
  • Site 2: Palsa sites
    Soil exchange on palsa, or frost heave, sites in Iitto, Saarikoski and Pousujärvi to the south-east from Kilpisjärvi
  • Site 3: Area around Kilpisjärvi, 15 kilometres
    Road widening, mixmilling and paving

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