Herning-Holstebro highway

We are paving the new highway in Western Denmark connecting the cities of Herning and Holstebro.

The infrastructure in Western part of Denmark will improve significantly in 2018 when the new highway will be fully functional. The highway will run a total of 39 kilometres between the cities of Herning and Holstebro, and we are doing the roadwork for approximately 25 kilometres of it.

The schedule for the project is tight. The highway work progresses with 1,400 meters per day. With a width of 12.5 metres in one go, it allows the crew to lay out one side first, then work their way back down on the other side. Asphalt is brought daily from two different sites, Viborg and Vandel.

In order to meet the requirements for material use, which are very strict for this project, a new type of cement stabilised base course, made by main contractor MJ Eriksson, is used. A mix of concrete and sand, dug out of the local ground makes for a steady foundation, all constantly monitored and documented back to the Danish authorities.

"It's a huge project. We know what we do, and we are extremely flexible. We're ready to roll whenever the timing is right. We will deliver a nice, smooth new road, within the timeframe and within the budget and quality requirements," says Project Manager John Gregersen.


  • Project name: Herning-Holstebro highway
  • Customer: M.J. Eriksson A/S
  • Locality: Jutland
  • Country: Denmark
  • Asphalt volume: Appr. 280.000 tonnes
  • Year: 2016-2018
  • Business operation: Asphalt and paving