Winter paving in Northern Norway

We paved 22 000 tons of asphalt on European highway 6 in Northern Norway. A majority of the project included paving of a 6 kilometers long tunnel, a job which was done during the cold winter season.

The project's scope of work included paving of 22 000 tons of asphalt between February and September 2017, both inside the tunnel during the winter months, and outside the tunnel during the spring and summer. Project was complex due to the weather conditions.

"We produced the asphalt at our site in Tromsø, and transported it by boat and trucks to the construction site. The boat carries 1 200 tons per shipment, and during loading on and off, time and temperature were key challenges," says foreman Bjørn Olaussen.

We had to keep the asphalt ingredients as dry as possible, and minimize temperature loss. Since the boat's pallets have to be open during loading, this was also a critical point during the transportation. Our solution was to produce and transport as fast as possible, and secure thorough protection of masses and product from heat loss.

Strict control of safety aspects

The paving inside the tunnel requires a special attention to safety aspects on site.

"As always, safety was priority number one. At this site, we worked in a tunnel, with a lot of construction activities around us, so we had to be careful. We had full control of how many working in the tunnel, at all times, who they were, and what to do in case of emergency. Our team spirit is a very important safety feature. We all want to come home, safe and sound, to our families," says Bjørn.


Winter paving in Northern Norway