VGP Park in Kekava, Latvia

We are the general contractor in building of the industrial park in Kekava, Latvia.

In July 2016, Lemminkäinen started the first stage of building the industrial park in Kekava, 20 km south from Latvian capital Riga. VGP Park project consists of building of a warehouse as well as the manufacturing and office areas in place that initially was an empty field. We are the general contractor of the project and we have signed a contract to perform the first stage of this project.

VGP Park is a challenging construction project, during which we can demonstrate our ability to engage in designing and consulting, too.

“After assessing the project, we offered changes regarding piling and other constructional details. They were for the project´s benefit, also from customer´s point of view,” says Project Manager Rinalds Bumanis.

In the beginning, we conducted a research on how the site will affect the environment in municipality.  For the machines to have an unhampered access to the site, the construction of so-called technological roads was an important task in the beginning.

A special buffer zone with greenery was built, so the living space of private house owners is protected from the noise and unfavourable changes in the landscape. For another neighbour we have created a servitude road, so he had an access to the main state road. Similarly, we have informed potential future neighbours of VGP Park about the project.

“The industrial park will provide new workplaces for the small town of Kekava. This is the biggest object that is being built in the city surroundings. Additionally, the place chosen for the VGP Park is truly great for logistics: it is on the main state road A7, which is regarded as Via Baltica connecting Tallinn and Warsaw. At the same time it is also a section of the European route E67 that connects Prague and Helsinki,” concludes Bumanis.


VGP Park
SIA VGP Latvia
  • VGP Park project consists of two buildings 120 m x 290 m and 120 m x 240 m.
  • The project is divided into four phases that will approximately last for three years. The 1st phase began on 11th July 2016 and according to schedule it will be finished in November 2017.