Building infrastructure for a growing city

We are part of the development of the new Pasila district in Helsinki.

Today, Central Pasila is still wasteland, but it will develop into a lively new district. In 2040, Pasila will provide homes for 20,000 residents and jobs for 50,000 people. It will also house Tripla, a new shopping centre. All this requires water, electricity, heat, data and well-organised traffic.

We are part of the development of Central Pasila. We will build the first extension of Teollisuuskatu and implement the modification works of Pasilankatu in Helsinki.

We will build a new tunnel, two new bridges, as well as high-quality paving and green structures on Teollisuuskatu. The new alignment of Teollisuuskatu will provide cars with access to Central Pasila through an old railway tunnel. A lane for cars will be placed on both sides of the tunnel. We excavated a total of 3,000 solid cubic metres of stone to allow for street construction and places for the bridges. We also built support structures for the tunnel and under the adjacent apartment buildings.

The two-phase project in the busy area is urban construction at its best. In addition to paving and street repairs, we have carried out blasting work, realigned tram rails and replaced municipal infrastructure on Pasilankatu.

"We placed everything we could underground, but also left a great deal untouched on Pasilankatu. For example, data communications cables used by telecommunication operators ran through our construction site. We needed to be careful with the blasting work," says Jani Laru, Supervisor at Lemminkäinen.

"For local residents, this means better-organised traffic," says Sauli Kivivuori, Project Manager at the City of Helsinki Public Works Department.

The project was originally intended to be completed at the end of 2016, but changes of plans and additional work will postpone its completion until spring 2017.

"We wanted to partner with a major company that can handle a demanding project in a busy area. Furthermore, it is important for the customer that the contractor has the capacity to handle surprises," says Kivivuori.


  • Project: The first extension phase of Teollisuuskatu and the modification works of Pasilankatu in Helsinki.
  • The project is part of the development of the Central Pasila centre and the improvement of traffic arrangements in the area.
  • The work was started in 2015 and it will be completed in spring 2017.
  • The customer is the City of Helsinki.