Keskustori parking facility brings extra life to Seinäjoki city centre in Finland

Since the beginning of the new millennium Seinäjoki city in Finland has been developing rapidly, and the population has grown. Development of the city centre has also started, with several construction projects in the Keskustori area. One of these is an underground parking facility.

We are building a parking facility underneath the Seinäjoki central square. The single-level facility will have spaces for around 200 vehicles. The access routes to the parking hall will be in the tower terminal, which is being built, and in nearby properties. We are also taking care of technical building systems and of planning of the stretched structures and suspension of the excavated area.

Broad cooperation is key

In building the city centre, particular attention must be given to ensuring up-to-date and comprehensive communication, and to ensuring safe movement in the areas close to the construction site. With these needs in mind, we have produced a plan for carrying out the project in a number of phases in such a way that the construction work will cause the least possible disturbance to companies, residents and visitors.

The plans have been developed in cooperation with the customer in such a way that it has been possible to increase the number of parking spaces. In addition, the parking facility has been made more energy-efficient, which means lower user costs.

The Seinäjoki city wanted to make the city centre livelier by investing in the street environment, and by making it more pedestrian-oriented. Underground parking of cars enables infilling and rebuilding of the blocks in the town centre, and also allows the Keskustori area to be returned to use a city square.

Image: Jukka Kuusisto


Keskustori parking facility