Quarrying on the E18 motorway between Hamina and Vaalimaa

Once completed, the new E18 motorway stretch from Hamina to Vaalimaa will make traffic smoother and faster. It will also improve safety in the area and make the drive more pleasant.

We were in charge of quarrying for the E18 motorway site between Hamina and Vaalimaa. The 32-kilometre road section is the last in the E18 project. We excavated around 3.8 million cubic metres of rock in all. Our work started in July 2015 and will be completed in autumn 2017. The road will be opened to traffic in spring 2018. The E18 motorway crosses Finland from Turku to the eastern border.

The quarrying is carried out as subcontracting work, the main contractor being YIT. We use modern technology in the work, and our site features, among other things, machine-controlled drilling rigs, one of the first used for open excavation on Finnish construction sites. The operator of a machine-controlled rig can view the site drawings and work progress on the screen in real time.