Construction and renovation of the Postitalo property in Tampere, Finland

The Postitalo property in Tampere is alive and developing. After the extension and renovation, it will provide new housing, offices and services in the city centre. 

The apartment block As Oy Tampereen Posteljooninpuisto under construction is a combination of the new and the old. We are renovating the street-level offices of the Postitalo property into modern premises. At the same time, we are raising the building to ten storeys high with the new part which houses new offices and 89 new apartments.

Our goal is to create an interesting and coherent entity of this centrally located property. The impressive facades are clad with glass and boards. Serigraphy printing is used in the glass facades, for example, with images reflecting the spirit of the old Postitalo.  

The location of the plot in the densely built city centre requires precise use of space. Recreational and play areas, for example, are located on the roof.

The central location also creates challenges in terms of logistics, for example, in construction work. Transportations must be planned with special care because there is no storage space available during the construction.

The framework structure of the new building is implemented as a pillar/slab system, and the load-bearing intermediate floors are constructed of on-site cast reinforced concrete.

The apartment sizes are 24–137 m2. All apartments have a balcony and underfloor cooling and heating. The property will have a total of 16 parking spaces. Users of the offices and business premises include, among others, the owner of the property, Fennia, and Lidl. 


Postitalo property in Tampere
Fennia Mutual Insurance Company

Total floor area of the new section 6,670m²

Net floor area 5,128m²

New offices 1,000 m2

Renovated area 2,500 m2

Completed by the end of year 2017