Lemminkäinen has delivered 169,000 tons of rock for the new pavement and foundation bed of the air traffic areas at Oulu Airport. The repairs will improve the safety of air traffic and create better preconditions for business and tourism in the Oulu Region.

Lemminkäinen delivered the mineral aggregates needed. A total of 88,000 tons of crushed aggregate was delivered for the foundation bed and 81,000 tons of aggregate for the pavement. This equals approximately 3,000 truck loads.

The runway of Oulu Airport, which is the second busiest airport in Finland, was repaired for Finavia in summer 2017. In addition, taxiways and the apron were also refurbished.

Flexibility was needed in mineral aggregate deliveries in order to ensure smooth work at the site and to keep up with the schedule. The need for crushed aggregate for the foundation bed varied: on some days, no deliveries were needed, while at most the need was 70 truck loads a day. Pavement aggregate was deposited in an intermediate storage at the asphalt plant beside the airport in spring. Crushed aggregate for the foundation bed was transported directly to the site as the work proceeded.

The crushed aggregate used in the foundation bed and the mineral aggregate used in the asphalt were medium-strong. The crushed aggregate used in the foundation bed consists of mica schist and the mineral aggregate in the asphalt of granite. The requirement for granite was that it should contain less fine aggregate than normal.


Mineral aggregate deliveries for Oulu Airport