The Lakeuden aamunkoi bridge in Seinäjoki, Finland

The Lakeuden aamunkoi bridge makes bicycle and pedestrian traffic easier in Seinäjoki and, at the same time, is an impressive landmark.

We built a steel-framed arched bridge across Main Road 67 in the centre of Seinäjoki, western Finland. The bridge makes it easier for bicycle and pedestrian traffic to cross the Main Road from the Itikanmäki residential area to the city centre. The bridge was commissioned by the City of Seinäjoki.

Building this steel-framed bridge was an extremely challenging project. The bridge was assembled from prefabricated elements at night in the winter 2017. The steel frame of the bridge weighs approximately 115,000 kg, with roughly 150 m3 of concrete structures. The steel frame was delivered by Ruukki's Ylivieska unit. The bridge's metal pipe was bent in England.

The project took approximately one year to complete. The bridge was opened to pedestrians and cyclists in July 2017.


Lakeuden aamunkoi
City of Seinäjoki
Seinäjoki, Finland