Kempele health centre alliance contract

We have gained good experience with alliance contracting in Kempele in northern Finland, where we are extending and renovating a public healthcare centre. The project will be completed in 2017.

We are extending and renovating a public healthcare centre in Kempele in northern Finland. The site is an ordinary construction site, but this is a new type of project in the sense that it is based on extensive cooperation: the customer wanted to apply alliance contracting. The municipality, designers, project managers and contractors constitute a joint organisation that is responsible for planning and implementing the project. They share both the risks and the benefits, and the goal is clear and the same for everyone.

The project is demanding, as the healthcare centre is continuing to operate normally during the project. For example, there will be patients in the hospital ward all of the time. The municipality of Kempele selected us as the main contractor after a process that involved several stages. Key criteria included capabilities and cooperation abilities. So far, we have had positive experiences of alliance contracting,

The development phase takes time but produces good results

The development phase is longer than usual in projects implemented in accordance with the alliance contracting model, and takes up both the customer’s and the implementing parties’ resources. On the other hand, the implementation stage is controlled. Careful planning produces good results, and the risks are eliminated jointly.

Alliance projects do not involve additional and alteration work, as all solutions are discussed around the same table in advance. The customer and users know exactly what the building will be like.

When we realised that the costs were becoming high in relation to the budget, we examined them together. We fine-tuned the implementation to ensure that the project was cost-efficient. The 3D modelling is a great help in planning the work.

“From a project consultant’s perspective, alliance contracting resolves many challenges. Communication between the implementing party and the customer is continuous: everyone’s in the same boat. All of the parties are genuinely involved and need to come up with solutions for the benefit of the project,” says Ari-Matti Jänkälä from Projektipalvelu Prodeco, the developer and responsible for supervisory duties.

Kempele has around 17,000 residents, who will be served by the renovated healthcare centre as of late 2017.


  • Customer: Municipality of Kempele. Financier: Municipality Finance.
  • Gross area: 8,000 m2 (incl. extension: 3,700 m2)
  • The project began in September 2015 and will be completed in late 2017.
  • Designer: UKI Architects. Main contractor: Lemminkäinen. Developer and supervisory duties: Prodeco. Structural engineering: Putkonen Engineers. HVACE design: Sweco. Building system contractor: Are.


Kempele health centre alliance contract
Kempele municipality
Kempele, Finland