New Heinsuo and Kalliola schools support communality

In the autumn of 2017, Hollola will have two new schools: the Heinsuo twelve-year school and the Kalliola school. We are building schools with the PPP model – in addition to planning and construction, we are responsible for the schools' maintenance, upkeep, user services and basic renovation investments during the service contract for the service period of 20 years. The contract also includes the demolition of the previous Kalliola school building and the sports hall of the Heinsuo school.

"The new schools in Hollola are built for the municipality's increasing needs and crucially decrease difficult indoor air quality problems. It is also important that the future premises support the national curricula of the Finnish National Board of Education, to enter into force in 2016, and give young people an opportunity to benefit from an open learning environment and phenomenon-based learning," says Tuomo Vesikko, Property Centre Manager of the municipality of Hollola.

What is important is that the new schools base learning around activities in comfortable, high-quality premises.

"Using the PPP model in the construction of schools emphasises pedagogic planning in addition to architectural design. We want to create a motivating and stimulating environment, encouraging communal activities, for both students and teachers. Learning and teaching is not limited to the classroom," says Esa Kemppainen, Vice President of PPP projects.

The Heinsuo twelve-year school will accommodate approximately 700 students, with a gross area of 8,800 square metres. The Kalliola school will accommodate approximately 500 students, with a gross area of 7,100 square metres.