Hiukkavaara community centre in Finland

We are building a multi-purpose community centre in Oulu’s Hiukkavaara district. The community centre will house a day-care centre, a primary school with capacity for 700 pupils, morning and after-school clubs as well as youth and sports clubs. The building will also include an adult education centre and a school library. The planned gross surface area is approximately 11,000 square metres. The construction of the Hiukkavaara community centre began in spring 2016 and it will be completed in late summer 2017.

Oulu Facilities Management Centre organised a tendering process regarding the construction of the community centre. The aim was to find a solution that is versatile, innovative and efficient with respect to the use of the premises and the centre’s outdoor areas. The capacity for cooperation was also a significant criterion in the assessment. “Polku”, a proposal by a consortium comprised of Lemminkäinen, Lukkaroinen architects, WSP Finland, Sweco Talotekniikka and Are Talotekniikka, made a strong impression due to its flexibility and new perspective.

“The proposal is comprehensive in taking into consideration the functionality, flexibility and comfort required of a community centre. It successfully integrates the goals of a community centre and an innovative open learning environment,” says Jouko Leskinen, Director, Oulu Facilities Management Centre.

The alliance aims to carry out the community centre project cost-effectively, taking the building’s full life cycle into consideration. The parties make decisions together and the potential risks and benefits are shared. The efficiency of the alliance model is already obvious in the planning phase. The project is reviewed phase by phase and modelling is used extensively. The planning work gives the alliance organisation an accurate shared view and an implementation plan for the project.

“The workshops we held in the development phase included all parties, including the representatives of the building’s end users. This helped us ensure that, once completed, the premises will serve the needs of pupils as well as teachers,” says Marko Palonen, Regional Director at Lemminkäinen.

“The starting point for the Hiukkavaara community centre project was to build premises that support teaching methods that reflect new perspectives on learning. Versatility, health, comfort, sustainability and ecology also played a significant role in the design of this building of high functional and architectural quality,” says Juha Kaisanlahti, Project Manager at Oulu Facilities Management Centre.

“Based on our experience so far, I am confident that we will achieve the objectives we have set out for this new building, including the community engagement and open learning environments aspects,” adds Jouko Leskinen, Director, Oulu Facilities Management Centre.


Hiukkavaara community centre
Oulu Facilities Management Centre