Paving work at Helsinki Airport

We have profound experience in paving airports, both in and outside Finland. At Helsinki Airport, we have carried out paving contracts for Finavia for six consecutive years. 

In airport work, both materials and paving are subject to particularly strict quality requirements. When choosing paving material for an airport, long-term durability and lifecycle costs are important criteria. Consequently, we emphasise certain properties in the paving quality, such as stability and resistance to weather. There are also numerous international safety regulations. Adherence to schedules is also an absolutely critical factor when working at an airport.

The contract that began in April 2016 involves milling and paving aircraft taxiways and airport levels. The work requires approximately 80,000 tonnes of paving. Furthermore, the contract includes the construction of the secondary tubing for the landing area lighting. The contract is due for completion in October 2016.

In 2015, we carried out a paving contract for runway 1, with roughly 137,000 tonnes of paving. The runway renovation was conducted on a challenging schedule and divided into phases so that there were always two taxiways available for traffic to cross the runway being renovated.

The 2012–2014 alliance contract included paving milling as well as paving work for runway 3 and taxiways. The contract was implemented according to a model based on a partnership between Finavia and Lemminkäinen. Decision-making in the project was quick and efficient, thanks to the open flow of information. We achieved the quality and schedule goals set for the project. The partnership model made it possible for information to flow smoothly and for work to be optimised so that the effect on air traffic remained minimal.

In 2011, we carried out a paving contract involving repair and paving of the traffic areas and airport levels of Helsinki Airport. We delivered approximately 45,000 tonnes of paving. In 2010, we paved airport levels with approximately 15,000 tonnes of asphalt mass.


Paving work at Helsinki Airport