We are increasing the effectiveness of the Aitik mine in Sweden

At the request of Boliden, we are building a new ore crushing plant in the Aitik mine outside the town of Gällivare in Northern Sweden. The new crushing plant is adjacent to the existing plant. The aim is to ensure and strengthen the capacity.

The Aitik mine, one of the largest copper mines in Europe, is located in Gällivare municipality, about 50 km north of the Arctic Circle. We are responsible for the implementation of the sub-project; including, among other things, concrete, land and engineering works, after which another contractor will install the crushing machines.

The project's great challenge is the combination of delivering large volumes in a short period of time, complex working methods and building technology together with the climate, which is an important factor to take into account as the temperature can drop down to minus 40 degrees. But there is always activity at the construction site. Around the clock, every day of the week.

When the construction of the new ore crushing plant in the Aitik copper mine started, there was only a 40 meters deep hole in the ground. In only four months, the hole has been replaced by 18 meter high concrete walls, approximately one third of the final height. When all is finished, the new plant will have 11 floors. The operation will increase the capacity and production volume, which will strengthen Boliden's competitiveness.

The project started in August of 2016 and was completed in the summer of 2017.


Ore crushing plant in the Aitik mine
Boliden Mineral AB