Large scale paving works of the Western High-Speed Diameter in St Petersburg, Russia

We are constructing two stages of the Western High-Speed Diameter (WHSD) in St Petersburg, Russia. The WHSD project is one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects of the city of St Petersburg along with the construction of the Ring Road and the dam.

Western High-Speed Diameter is a toll motorway in Saint Petersburg that runs through the city from north to south. The construction started over a decade ago. The overall length of the highway is projected at 47 km and it has 4 to 8 lanes. Our project includes the Central and Northern sections of the WHSD construction stages. The total area of paving works is 220,000 sq. m. The work begun in 2015 and finished in 2016.

Professionals of waterproofing

We have our own product development of the mastic asphalt technique that we have used since 1994 in Russia. The WHSD project includes:

  • Waterproofing using the Lemproof mastic asphalt developed in our laboratory
  • Installation of drainage trays and rings
  • Construction of the lower layer coating of mastic asphalt
  • Construction of the upper layer coating of crushed stone mastic asphalt concrete SMA-20 on rubberised bitumen binder

We have a lot of experience from large scale paving projects in Russia and we have proven ourselves to be a responsible and high-quality contractor in other projects with similar types of work.


Western High-Speed Diameter in Russia
St Petersburg