Roadless construction site on the mountains

At scenic Fjærland in Western Norway, we are building roadless hydropower plants for our customer Småkraft. Access to the construction site only from sea or by use of helicopter makes it quite a challenge.

Remotely located, by the Fjærland fjord, from the sea surface and up to 600 meters on the mountains, we are building a Lidal power plant, a 1,500-meter-long tunnel, a 600-meter-long shaft, and an intake station.

As a roadless construction site, all supplies need to be transported by boat or helicopter. We have had to bring all the equipment and facilities we need on a barge, from which are working, including our barracks, construction machinery, trucks and repair shop.

It is a quite complex operation, especially when it comes to planning and logistics, to keep the cost limits and timetables. The site is exposed to weather conditions, like heavy winds. In such area, safety is one of the most important things to take care of, and we have made plans even for evacuation for any unwanted situation.

Working from a barge, instead of an onshore construction site, we reduce the direct impact from the construction work. We also have taken other measures to minimise the impact to the local environment. For example, we are purifying all water used during our operations.


  • We are building two hydropower plants, Lidal and Romøyri, for Småkraft energy company in the Fjærland fjord in Norway.
  • In addition, we are responsible for building shafts and all the roadless intake stations for the six power plants and 2.5 km of tunnel excavation in total.
  • Special for the project is its location not accessible by road and working from a barge, to minimise the impact to environment.
  • We have in total 50 workers on the Lidal site.
  • The project started in July 2015 and will be completed in December 2016.