Building a new residential area

The construction of the new residential area Leinelä is well under way near excellent traffic connections in Vantaa, Finland.

The growing Helsinki metropolitan area constantly needs more apartments and new residential areas. One of these areas is Leinelä, currently being built in Vantaa. 

The construction of the area began in 2008, and once Leinelä is completed approximately in 2020, it will be home to more than 2,500 residents. 

We have been involved in developing Leinelä right from the beginning. Planning and marketing have been carried out together with the City of Vantaa and the other construction companies. 

We became interested in the area due to its good location. Leinelä is located near the railway tracks and surrounded by main traffic arteries, approximately 25 minutes’ drive from Helsinki. The opening of the Ring Rail Line improved Leinelä’s public transport connections and attractiveness significantly. 

Nature has been preserved exceptionally well during the construction of the area. There are walking routes crossing the Leinelä area, offering outdoor activities directly from the new homes—even access to skiing tracks. Comfort is increased by environmental art.

We have built two apartment block housing companies, Menninkäinen and Metsäkeiju, in Leinelä. Asunto Oy Vantaan Primavera, to be completed in May 2016, consists of 76 apartments. Residential construction will be continued in the next two blocks. In the coming years, we will build the Leinelä central block, which is planned to contain commercial premises, such as a grocery store.

More information can be found on our housing website.  


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