Tailor-made premises for banking services

The head office for the OP Financial Group's member banks in South Karelia will become a new landmark for the town of Lappeenranta in Finland. The construction project is also an important part of the renovation of the traditional City block.

Lemminkäinen is building a new head office for OP Financial Group South Karelia in the heart of Lappeenranta. The initial plan was to renovate the bank's existing premises. However, it would have been almost impossible to find suitable temporary premises.

"We decided to invest in new premises to ensure that they would meet our needs and match our identity," says Mauno Muukkonen, Bank Manager for OP Financial Group in South Karelia.

The new premises will also house the operations of OP Insurance Ltd (former Pohjola Insurance Ltd) and the real estate agency OP-Kiinteistökeskus. One important reason for choosing a newly constructed property was the ability to integrate services according to customer needs.

"It must be as easy as possible for customers to use our services. This an excellent opportunity for us to improve in this regard."

The construction of the new seven-storey office building is connected to renovation and alteration work being carried out in the City block in Lappeenranta. Apartment buildings and the Williparkki parking facility are being built in the same block.

The construction work has progressed smoothly in spite of the limited space available for operations in the city centre. There have been times when creative solutions have been necessary. During the construction of the frame, the building elements had to be lifted directly from vehicles to their final positions due to the lack of temporary storage space on this small plot in the city centre.

The progress of construction work has been expedited by the bank's four-member project team.

"I was impressed by how quickly they got the big picture and were able to tell us exactly what they want. This is not a given when the client isn't involved in the business of building construction," says Juha Rantakaulio, Site Manager at Lemminkäinen.


OP Financial Group South Karelia
OP Financial Group South Karelia