Low-emission low-temperature asphalt for the City of Turku, Finland

We paved the Naantalin pikatie highway with low-emission, low-temperature asphalt.

The paving project of the stretch of Finnish National Road 8, is a part of the City of Turku pilot to investigate the possibility of reducing emissions through more ecological types of paving.

“We are aiming at carbon neutrality by the year 2040, and we believe that using low-emission asphalt will help us to reach this goal,” explains Juhani Tirkkonen from the Public Utility Property Management department,  the City of Turku.

The pilot covers approximately half a kilometre of the busy road, so the paving material must be particularly durable. The abrasion of the new paving and the formation of grooves on the surface are regularly monitored on the part of the road included in the pilot, through both visual inspections and measurements. For the road user, the features of low-temperature asphalt are no different from those of traditional paving materials.

More ecological paving

We have been investing in the product development of both reclaimed asphalt and low-temperature asphalt already for several years. With current methods, more ecological paving materials can be made as durable as traditional asphalt. Compared to traditional asphalt, the advantages offered by low-temperature include

  • a working temperature 20–30 degrees lower
  • significantly more energy-efficient production
  • reduced carbon dioxide emissions
  • reduced fuel consumption during production
  • improved working conditions for employees, as the amount of fumes and vapours from the mass is reduced.

“We will gain insight on whether the material is suitable for a demanding urban environment. If the experiences are positive, we believe we can increase the use of low-emission asphalt in our paving work. Lemminkäinen is a long-term contractor of the City of Turku regarding asphalt paving. We have a history of great collaboration,” says Tirkkonen.


Low-emission low-temperature asphalt LTA
City of Turku