Renovation and expansion of the Lapinlahti Art Museum

Appropriate temperature and moisture conditions preserve works of art in the museum building.

We carried out the renovation and expansion of the Lapinlahti Art Museum in Northern Savonia. Built in 1976 and rich in tradition, the museum building suffered from indoor air quality and moisture problems caused by roof leakage. The museum foundation wanted to have modern premises equipped with up-to-date technical building systems to ensure that the valuable works of art are kept in the appropriate temperature and moisture conditions.

The renovation project took just under one year and was very comprehensive: the only part of the old building that was left in place was its load-bearing concrete structure. The rest of the building, including the roof and base floor, was taken apart and rebuilt. We put particular focus on the building’s tightness to ensure that the appropriate moisture balance and energy efficiency are achieved. Almost all surfaces were also renovated, including the building’s exterior. The museum’s culturally and historically significant collection is now housed in a space deserving of that honour, one that has been designed for long-term storage and display.

The renovated museum is an accessible building and it will open its doors in 2017.  


Renovation and expansion of the Lapinlahti Art Museum
Halonen Museum Foundation

Gross area 1,511 gross m2
Volume 4,746 gross m3
Period of construction 7/2015–6/2016