The metro goes west

Lemminkäinen has been involved in building the west metro right from the beginning and is the biggest individual metro builder. West metro is the extension of the Helsinki metro line to Espoo. The building started in 2011.

We have carried out the construction of West metro's three stations: Niittykumpu, Tapiola and Matinkylä. According to forecasts, the Tapiola and Matinkylä stations will have the highest number of passengers of all west metro stations, with 30,000 passengers travelling through them every day.

We are also responsible for the excavation and reinforcement work at the Finnoo station. The work will be completed in 2017, and it covers the excavation and reinforcement of the Finnoo station, the track and sewer tunnels, and earthworks in the area. We will excavate 1,380 metres of the new metro tunnel and 771 metres of sewer tunnels.  

The extension to be built during the second phase of the west metro, from Matinkylä to Kivenlahti, is seven kilometres long, and Finnoo is the first of the five new stations. 

We have also, for instance, participated in the excavation work for the track and service tunnels at the Ruoholahti, Koivusaari and Urheilupuisto stations. During the past five years, we and other construction companies excavated two parallel 13.9-kilometre track tunnels and eight stations.


West Metro tunnel and station contracts
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