Highest quality for faster runs

We renewed and expanded the running tracks at Greve athletics stadium.

The athletics stadium in the Greve municipality, located just south from Copenhagen, needed to be renovated. The renovated stadium would offer a proper training place for current and future athletes and make the stadium suitable for international competitions.

Barslund A/S acted as the main contractor in the renovation project. Our responsibility was the renewal and expansion of the running tracks. The 400 metres circular arched track was expanded from 6 to 8 lanes and the whole track construction was renewed.

We placed two layers of asphalt on the 7,637 sq metres area on a base of crushed stone, totalling 1,150 tonnes of asphalt. On top of our asphalt a specialised contractor laid out a synthetic athletic surface.

The requirements for the evenness and the quality of the asphalt were very high. They needed to meet the standards of the Danish Athletics Association as well as the International Amateur Athletic Federation.

"Sports field projects need special expertise. It is all a matter of focusing on quality and precision. Our customer was confident that we could handle the challenge. Which we did", explains Site Manager Christian J. Clausen.

The renewal and expansion of the running tracks begun in late April 2016 and was completed in mid-May 2016.


  • Project name: Greve Athletics Stadium
  • Customer: Barslund A/S (main contractor)
  • Locality: Greve Municipality
  • Country: Denmark
  • Year: 2016
  • Business operation: Asphalt and paving