Renovating the Wilderness Road in the Swedish mountains

We were commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration's Central Region to renovate 75 km of the Jemtland section of the "Vildmarksvägen" or the Wilderness Road, a 500 km road through the Swedish mountains. The project ran for three years and is one of the country's biggest infrastructure projects, calculated in metres.

Wilderness Road is a vital link in an area roughly the size of Västra Götaland that is heavily trafficked by tourists from all over the world who make the pilgrimage to the area's magnificent nature in summer. The road was built over 40 years ago, but no improvements had been made in at least 20 years.

We carried out improvements where new asphalt was needed on sections of the road. It was a difficult job to carry out because of the distance between the asphalt plant and the site, as well as between the site and any spare parts, which required extra planning.

Before the paver could begin its work, the old road surface had to be milled into the roadway. By milling the old surface and mixing in new asphalt, the material was recycled to provide a stable base. We did a comprehensive reinforcement and surfacing of the 75 km stretch, with a number of access roads. A total of 55 000 tons of asphalt were used.

Thanks to extensive cross-border experience in the industry, we were able to deliver a good and effective solution for a large, complex operation in the Swedish mountains. The project was completed in year 2015.