Tapiola apartments by a canal in St Petersburg

Tapiola project in the historical centre of St Petersburg is Lemminkäinen's residential development and construction project. We were responsible for its construction and sale.

Launched in 2013, the first phase was completed in the end of year 2014. It consisted of 339 apartments. The second phase consisted of 418 apartments, which were completed in 2015. Overall, 757 apartments in Comfort class was constructed by the Obvodny Canal.

Depending on the section, Tapiola has 9 to 14 floors. Its total apartment floor area is around 52,000 square metres. In addition, its first floor has around 4,000 square metres of office and commercial space, which was sold separately, and 360 underground parking spaces. The second phase also included a day-care centre.

Challenges in construction

St Petersburg was built on swampland, which makes the ground challenging. The two-floor underground car park was the most challenging part of the project. The trench was dug in stages at different levels using sheet piles that have been hammered to a depth of 12 meters. The sheet pile walls are reinforced by horizontal structures. According to plan, the foundation is located in the cast slab supported by piles. A total of 33 kilometres of reinforced concrete piles were rammed into the excavation.

We require high quality from our suppliers

The site employed around 400 people, including the employees of some twenty subcontractors. Tapiola also involved Finnish operators. For example, Finnish companies were responsible for window deliveries and the plastering and painting of external walls. The wall panels came from the St Petersburg plant of the Finnish company Betset.

Tapiola was designed by T-architects in St Petersburg, while Sormanen & Timonen Oy in Finland was responsible for structural engineering. The Russian ZAO VISKO was responsible for engineering nets design.

According to General Foreman Evgeniy Sernov is happy with the quality, but the schedule was really tight. "In the first phase, the ornaments on the facade facing the canal posed challenges, as the facade imitates old architecture in St Petersburg. The second phase was equally fast-paced," says Sernov.

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Tapiola residential building in St Petersburg