Paths of Confalt around House of Music

The environment around the newly built House of Music in Aalborg, Denmark, went through a profound refurbishment in 2015. The recreational area got nice new benches, newly planted trees and a network of paths made from Lemminkäinen's Confalt pavement.

Confalt is a durable, wear-resistant, semi-flexible pavement system, with fast-setting mortar. Our customer chose Confalt for several reasons. For instance, it endures the heavy pedestrian and cycling traffic as well as cars. The most important reason, however, was the way Confalt looks: with a bit of shape to the surface and a rustic tone.

The project was unusually challenging because of extremely tight schedule. There was a festival beginning in August, so the work needed to be carried out in two months. Also the area needed to be open for traffic the entire time since there are flats and offices located nearby.


Confalt for the House of Music
House of Music

7,500 m2