Confalt paving for a busy wholesale market

We are responsible for paving three new market halls in Copenhagen, in Denmark. The paving solution selected for the job is Confalt, which is well suited for areas under heavy load.

The Grønttorvet wholesale market on the outskirts of Copenhagen needed more space. The wholesale market is comprised of market halls where restaurant operators come to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables. We are responsible for paving three new market halls.

Combining the strength of concrete with the flexibility of asphalt

The City of Copenhagen and the private investor in the construction project selected Confalt as the paving solution for the new Copenhagen Markets. It is well suited for warehouses, industrial facilities and other applications that involve heavy loads.

"Confalt combines the strength of concrete with the flexibility of asphalt," says Carl-Richard Lund, Sales and Contract Manager in charge of Confalt solutions in Denmark.

After the construction of the building has been completed, an open asphalt layer is applied. The voids in the asphalt are then filled with high strength Confalt mortar.

Confalt is an excellent surface for construction. It can even be used for mounting a building's wall elements. Compared to concrete flooring, Confalt offers time savings in construction projects due to its fast setting time. "The paving can be taken into use just two days after application," Lund explains.

The Confalt project at the Copenhagen Markets comprises an area of 62,800 square metres. The project will be completed in October 2015.

Confalt is well suited for both small and large-scale projects. In Denmark, Confalt projects range from bus stops (40 m2) to enormous container terminals and logistics centres (exceeding 100,000 m2).


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