Paving bridges in Moscow area

In 2015, our paving unit in the Moscow region paved 118 000 sq.m. of bridge decks, including the Podolsk, Stupino and Nosovikhinskoye bridges. Our own product development, expertise and experience ensured successful project implementation.

In our history we have renovated 220 bridges in Russia using the Lemmastix waterproofing mastic and Lemproof mastic asphalt, as well as have laid more than 400 thousand sq.m. of waterproofing and pavement. The mastic asphalt technique that is our own product development is our primary competitive strength. The technique has been used in Russia since 1994 for the repair and construction of bridges.

Podolsk bridge renovation

In 2015, the most significant project was the Podolsk Bridge, which is located around 40 kilometres south of Moscow. It is our largest bridge project in Russia so far. We completed the tight scheduled project over a period of two months.

The Podolsk Bridge is 1,600 metres long, and we covered a total area of 41,800 square metres with Lemmastix waterproofing, a layer of asphalt concrete and a Lemproof top layer. The bridge is made of steel, which required also various preparatory phases, such as sandblasting and shot blasting, and preparing the foundation.

Paving the Stupino and Nosovikhinskoye bridges

Other important projects in the Moscow region were the 438-metre bridge in Stupino town and the 720-metre bridge in Nosovikhinskoye. We used the same technology as we had used in our previous projects: a layer of asphalt concrete on top of the waterproofing layer and a layer of mastic asphalt on top of that.


Paving bridge decks in Podolsk, Stupino and Nosovikhinskoye
Podolsk, Stupino and Nosovikhinskoye
  • Podolsk Bridge:
    Length: 1,600 m
    Total area: 41,800 sqm
  • Stupino:
    Length: 438 m
    Total area: 14,965 sqm
  • Nosovikhinskoye Highway:
    Length: 720 m
    Total area: 10,000 sqm

Our mastic asphalt products

  • Lemmastix (waterproofing mastic)
  • Lemfalt (mastic asphalt for sidewalks)
  • Lemproof (mastic asphalt for top layers)

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