Töölö Bay - premium location

Helsinki’s Töölö Bay area has a new look: it now offers business premises and homes to demanding customers. Transportation is made easier by an underground parking facility.

In 2010, Lemminkäinen and the developer Etera won the plots of three blocks in Töölö Bay in a site allocation competition. This marked the start of one of the largest construction projects in Finland. The first building to be completed was the Alma Media head office next to the railway tracks in 2012. KPMG’s office building next to the railway station was completed in 2014. An office building for Ernst & Young was completed in 2014 at the northern edge of the area.

All of the new business premises represent timeless, high-quality architecture. The multispace concept and quality materials ensure that the premises are highly adaptable and will be usable far into the future.

All of the buildings meet the criteria for international LEED environmental certification.  

Töölö Bay is also a residential area

Aalto, an apartment block with 22 units, was completed in 2013. In 2014, Alvar and Arietta developments were completed, both consisting of 15 apartments.

The unique location of the three buildings in a landscape of high cultural significance was a major factor in their design. The residences meet the highest standards and are designed to be comfortable in all four seasons.

Parking facility and other contracts in the Töölö Bay area

We built an underground parking facility and air raid shelter in the Töölö Bay area. Completed in 2012, P-Finlandia is a clearly laid out and easy-to-use parking facility. It has room for 650 cars, an air raid shelter with capacity for 3,800 people as well as maintenance facilities.

Our previous projects in the area include the Finnish National Opera, the Holiday Inn, contracts for VR in the railway yard and the station, as well as the renovation of Villa Kivi in the Linnunlaulu district.


Töölö Bay - a premium location
Etera Mutual Pension Insurance, Lemminkäinen, City of Helsinki