Road contracts in the Baltics

Lemminkäinen has renovated and paved several road sections in Estonia and other Baltic countries.

We are carrying out renovation work on two kilometres of a four-lane motorway near Tallinn, between Kurna and Luige. The work was completed at the end of October 2014. In addition to paving, we built a noise barrier and install pipelines and cables.

In Lithuania, renovated a road between Smiltyne and Nida in the western part of the country. The contract involved rebuilding the foundations and paving a 9-kilometre stretch of road that is 7 metres wide.

We have carried out several road projects funded by the EU and the World Bank in the Baltic countries since 2000. Our previous projects include the basic renovation of 3.5 kilometres of the E20 motorway between Tallinn and Narva. The road was broadened to four lanes, and the contract included a lot of additional work, such as bridges, junctions, noise barrier, bicycle and pedestrian traffic lane and planting in the road area.


Road contracts in the Baltics
Estonian and Lithuanian Road Administrations
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