A highly adaptable office building in Helsinki city centre

These versatile and flexible premises bring the various functions of KPMG together, providing space for increasingly efficient work.

The building is located near the Helsinki Railway Station, right next to the tracks. The other side of the building faces the cultural landscape of Töölö Bay. Having such a central location is important for the company image, and the KPMG brand is also supported by the building’s unique architecture.

Construction began in spring 2012 with the foundation work. As the turnkey contractor, Lemminkäinen managed the planning and design of the project from architectural design to environmental consulting.

The KPMG building is built to meet the criteria of the international LEED environmental certificate (gold-level). In addition to construction, Lemminkäinen was responsible for renting the premises.

No space is wasted in the six-storey building with a length of almost 150 metres, but it nevertheless has a sense of openness thanks to solutions such as glass walls and an open spiral staircase that connects the floors. The long and narrow plot of land was carefully utilised. The wave-shaped facade made it possible to put in more window seats, while the street in front of the building was made livelier with various outdoor spaces.

The versatility and adaptability of this large office building are its most important attributes, ensuring that the premises will be functional far into the future.


KPMG office building in Helsinki city centre
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