Vantaankoski railway renovation

Rail and bridge work on the Vantaankoski line paved the way for the Ring Rail Line.

We renovated the Vantaankoski commuter railway line between Huopalahti and Vantaankoski in Finland in 2010–2014.

In 2013, the Vantaankoski line's superstructure was replaced between Kannelmäki and Myyrmäki. The contract also includds the replacement of the waterproofing of the Piijoki railway bridge in Kannelmäki and the one in Myyrmäki station. The Piijoki railway bridge is 530 metres long, making it the second-longest in Finland. Renovation was required at this stage of the line's life cycle. The renovation was carried out before the Ring Rail Line was opened to traffic in 2015, in order to ensure the uniform condition of the lines in the coming decades.


Vantaankoski railway renovation
The Finnish Transport Agency
Helsinki and Vantaa