Atria slaughterhouse renovation

The renovation of a slaughterhouse in Kauhajoki was carried out completely on the terms of the production operations in the facility.

In July 2010, Atria and Lemminkäinen began an extensive renovation and rebuilding project. The old wooden slaughterhouse was renovated, with new production facilities built next door. The project was completed in May 2013.

- We needed more capacity. We are now better equipped to meet today’s requirements for slaughterhouse operations, says Tapani Potka, Director of Supply Chain Management and Investments at Atria.

- The efficient control of production volumes has substantial advantages throughout the process. It allows us to improve profitability by making minor changes.

After the 7,300-square-metre expansion and the implementation of new technology, the slaughterhouse can now process 90 carcasses per hour, compared to 56 in the past. The work was carried out completely on the terms of production operations. With the exception of just five days, slaughterhouse operations continued throughout the project. Lemminkäinen won the contract for construction as well as heating, water and electrical installations through a tendering process.

In competitive tendering, price is always a crucial component. For Atria it was equally important to have confidence in the contractor’s ability to complete the work on schedule.

In addition to ordinary technical building services, the construction site had certain special characteristics unique to a slaughterhouse, such as water and pressurised air connections for the work surfaces of the cutting line. 

- In a project like this, the challenge for the contractor is to take control of the work and its scheduling without the customer noticing it. Taking responsibility in this manner is a future opportunity for the contractor, Tapani Potka says.


Atria slaughterhouse renovation