Putaankangas - Onkalonperä wind farm, Simo

With the output and dimensions of wind turbines growing year by year, current turbines require a substantial foundation made from reinforced concrete. We were responsible for the foundation work for TuuliWatti Oy’s wind turbines in Simo, Finland.

Tuuliwatti’s wind farm in Simo consists of six three-megawatt turbines with a hub height of 119 metres and a blade diameter of 112 metres.

We were responsible for the foundation work for six wind turbines at the wind farm. The contract included foundation work, road construction, earthworks and electricity transmission lines.

Approximately 700 cubic metres of concrete were used for the wind turbine foundations. The concrete was reinforced with 120 kilogrammes of iron per cubic metre.


TuuliWatti Oy wind farm, Simo
TuuliWatti Oy