Shopping Centre Syke reduced its annual greenhouse gas emissions by 23 tonnes

Being green is a high priority in facilities management.

We draw up the property maintenance service agreements for Shopping Centre Syke and manage a service network comprising, for example, property maintenance and security services. We are responsible for the shopping centre’s technical maintenance, and we manage and lease parking spaces at the property. We work in partnership with the customer to further develop tenant services and the energy efficiency of the property.

The emission counter developed by Lassila & Tikanoja and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland reveals the amount of CO2 emissions caused by waste management. Sorted waste was used to replace virgin raw materials and fossil fuels, resulting in a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions by 23 tonnes in 2012. The reduction is equal to the emissions from driving 150,000 kilometres in a private car. The tenants of Syke can see the impact in the form of lower waste fees.

Implemented by Lemminkäinen, Varma and L&T’s environmental management division, the project is an example of a partnership in which green choices benefit all of the parties concerned.

In September 2013, Lahti Region Environmental Services awarded Shopping Centre Syke the “Vuoden Ympäristötekijä” (The Environmental Actor of the Year) commendation for its successful reduction of waste and carbon dioxide emissions.


Shopping Centre Syke in Lahti
Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company
Lahti, Finland