E18 Lohja-Muurla motorway

The E18 Lohja-Muurla motorway is a project that uses the PPP model, with Lemminkäinen responsible for financing and construction as well as maintenance and repairs on the motorway for a period of 25 years.

The E18 Lohja-Muurla motorway project involved the construction of 51.3 kilometres of new motorway, seven road tunnels, eight graded interchanges, and 75 bridges. The project included various special aspects of road construction, such as tunnel excavation, shotcreting and bolting. We implemented the project using the PPP model, with our responsibilities extending to project financing, contracting and construction, as well as maintenance and repairs for a period of 25 years.

As many as seven tunnels were constructed between Muurla and Lohja. The tunnels go under many of the sensitive nature sites in the area. The combined length of the tunnels is 5.7 kilometres, and traffic safety in the tunnels was an area of particular focus in the project. There are separate two-lane tunnels in each direction. The tunnels are spacious and their lighting adjusts automatically according to outside brightness. The tunnels are also equipped with modern traffic control and incident management systems. The 2.3-kilometre tunnel in Karnainen is Finland's longest road tunnel.

The stretch of road between Muurla and Lohja is part of the E18 motorway, which is the most significant road corridor in Finland with respect to international traffic. The motorway substantially improves through traffic between East and West. The E18 motorway connects the Nordic capital cities with each other and with Central Europe and Russia. The European route E18 is one of the most important transport network development projects in the EU.

The motorway between the Helsinki metropolitan area and Turku significantly improves traffic flow in southern Finland while strengthening economic activity in the region and reducing transport costs for industry.


E18 Lohja-Muurla motorway
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Lohja, Finland