Pilke House - all timber office

Pilke House is an architecturally interesting next-generation office building made from renewable domestic wood.

Pilke House is located in Rovaniemi’s Sahanperä district, on the bank of the Ounasjoki river. Approximately 130 people work in this Metsähallitus office building that also houses Science Centre Pilke, which features exhibits related to the sustainable use of northern forests.

At Pilke House, concrete was only used for the base and the stairwells. The building has a glulam post and beam structure that is exposed in the interiors. The outer walls are onsite clad wooden elements, and wood is also extensively used in the interior surfaces.

The carbon dioxide emissions of the wood structured Pilke House are only one third of those of a steel or concrete building of the same size. Pilke is an example of leading expertise in ecological wood construction and a tour de force of Finnish architecture.

In 2011, the building won the Finnish Wood Award in recognition of the high-level expertise in wood construction it represents.


The Pilke House
Rovaniemi, Finland