Alexandria – large residential estate near Neva river in St Petersburg

Alexandria residential estate is located near Neva river in marvellous green area of one of the most comfortable residential districts of St Petersburg.

The top floors of this comfort class house overlook the Neva River and scenically attractive gardens.

Alexandria has excellent transport links. The distance to the nearest metro station is 400 m and there are parking facilities nearby.

Alexandria is one of our largest residential projects in St Petersburg. It consists of 17 floors, 527 apartments, comprising 30,000 m², and approximately 900 m² of commercial premises.

Wide range of apartments types

  • Various 1‒3 roomed apartments ranging from 41 m2 to 100 m2
  • Apartments with full finishing
  • Apartments with panoramic view on Neva river
  • Comfortable planning with spacious kitchens
  • Balconies and loggias in apartments

Comfortable environment

  • Landscaped yard with playground
  • Recreation area near the house
  • Commercial properties on the ground floor

Excellent location

  • Modern residential area near Neva river
  • Excellent transport links: 400 m to the nearest metro station, 8 km to the city centre, ring road and parking facilities nearby
  • Parks and gardens close to the house
  • Advanced infrastructure: kindergartens, schools and higher schools, supermarkets, medical clinics, sports school and sports palace, cultural centres, museums



Alexandria residential building in St Petersburg
St Petersburg