Kouvola Police and Court House

The total cost model ensures that the property remains in prime conditions and no repair debt emerges. We take care of continuous maintenance and preventive repairs.

The Police and Court Houses in Kokkola, Kouvola, Raisio and Iisalmi operate under a co-operation model with RBS Nordisk Renting as the developer and Lemminkäinen responsible for construction and maintenance.

As a lessor, the state need not invest in walls, and long-term property maintenance contracts encourage the party responsible for maintenance to keep the property in prime condition. Preventive maintenance prevents the emergence of repair debt cost-efficiently. The interests are common when the party responsible for maintenance is also liable for energy bills, for example. Investing in property services also increases the productivity of the premises in the form of better indoor air and less sick leave days among those working there.

In addition to basic maintenance, we are responsible for the building's energy bills and repairs according to the LTP plan. In accordance with the total cost model, the work is invoiced at the agreed monthly fee for the duration of the contract period. We report on the implementation of the maintenance plan and measures taken on a monthly basis to the owner.


Kouvola Police and Court House
RBS Nordisk Renting
Kouvola, Finland