Lemminkäinen´s Annual Report and Annual Summary 2007

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Lemminkäinen´s Annual Report and Annual Summary 2007                            

Lemminkäinen Corporation's Annual Report 2007 has been published in Finnish and 
English. The annual report is available on the Company's website at             

The printed annual report will be mailed to all shareholders. Lemminkäinen's    
annual report and other financial bulletins can be ordered from Corporate       
Communications by filling out the on-line order    
form on the website, or e-mailing communications@lemminkainen.fi                

A summary of the stock exchange bulletins published by Lemminkäinen Corporation 
in 2007 can be reviewed on the Company's website at                             

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Lemminkäinen operates in all areas of the construction sector. Its main business
sectors are building construction, infrastructure construction, technical       
building services, and building products. Net sales in 2007 were EUR 2.2        
billion, of which international operations accounted for over a quarter. The    
Group employs about 9,200 people. Lemminkäinen's share is quoted on OMX Nordic  
Exchange Helsinki.