Amendments to Lemminkäinen Corporation´s Articles of Association entered into the Trade Register

LEMMINKÄINEN CORPORATION                                                        
ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION 27.3.2008                                               

THE TRADE REGISTER                                                              

The amendments to Lemminkäinen Corporation's Articles of Association decided by 
the Annual General Meeting held on 14 March 2008 were entered into the Trade    
Register on 27 March 2008. The Articles of Association were amended in          
accordance with the Board of Directors' proposal so that, among other things,   
the regulations concerning the nominal value of the Company's share and the     
minimum and maximum share capital were removed. The Board of Directors' proposal
for the amendment of the Articles of Association was published in full in the   
stock exchange bulletin released on 14 February 2008.                           

Lemminkäinen Corporation's Articles of Association can be found on the Company's
website at                                       

LEMMINKÄINEN CORPORATION                                                        
Corporate Communications                                                        

OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki                                                    
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Lemminkäinen Group operates in all areas of the construction sector. Its main   
business sectors are building construction, infrastructure construction,        
technical building services, and building products. Net sales in 2007 were      
approx. EUR 2.2 billion, of which international operations accounted for over a 
quarter. The Group employs about 9,200 people. Lemminkäinen's share is quoted on
OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki.