Lemminkäinen´s annual collage from 2006

The stock exchange bulletins by Lemminkäinen Corporation in 2006 can be
reviewed on the company´s website at www.lemminkainen.com. 

Some of the information included in bulletins might be out of date.

Stock exchange bulletins in 2006

15.2.	2005 Financial statement bulletin: 20% improvement in the Company´s result
15.2.	Summons to Annual General Meeting
1.3.	Olkiluoto concrete exceeds all quality requirements 
3.3.	Ikea announces termination of St. Petersburg shopping centre contract
8.3.	Findings of study concerning concrete delivered to Olkiluoto
16.3.	Olkiluoto concrete deliveries according to contract
17.3.	Decisions of Lemminkäinen Corporation's Annual General Meeting 
29.3.	Investigations into the bituminous roofing industry
10.5.	Interim financial review 1.1. - 31.3.2006: Net sales up by a third 
9.6.	FCA allegations concerning the bituminous roofing industry
9.8.	Interim financial review 1.1. - 30.6.2006: Marked improvement in earnings 
8.11.	Interim financial review 1.1. - 30.9.2006: Operating profit up by almost
a third 
10.11.	Financial information for 2007
27.12.	Erkki J. Pentti, long-term member of the Board of Directors of
Lemminkäinen, passed away 


Katri Sundström
Investor Relations Manager

Helsinki Exchanges
Main media

Lemminkäinen operates in all areas of the construction sector. Its main
business areas are building contracting, infrastructure construction, the
building materials industry and technical building services. Net sales in 2006
were EUR 1 795.9 million, of which international operations accounted for about
one third. The average number of employees in the Group is 8 500. The main
markets are in the Baltic Rim region, where the Group has established a
presence by setting up local subsidiaries. In specialised area of construction
the company serves its clients all over the world. Lemminkäinen´s share is
quoted on Helsinki Exchanges.