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19 December 2007                                                                
Stock Exchange Bulletin at 3:00 p.m.                                            

COURT'S DECISION ON COMPETITION INFRINGEMENT                                    

Investigations by the Finnish Competition Authority (FCA) were launched in the  
spring of 2002 when the agency carried out unannounced audits at companies      
involved in the asphalt business, and the Finnish Asphalt Association. In March 
2004 the FCA proposed to the Market Court that it impose a competition          
infringement fine concerning alleged violations of the Act on Competition       
Restrictions in the asphalt industry during 1994-2002. The FCA proposed a total 
competition infringement fine of EUR 97 million for the industry, of which      
amount Lemminkäinen was to pay EUR 68 million.                                  

By its decision issued today, the Market Court has ordered Lemminkäinen to pay a
competition infringement fine of EUR 14 million for circumventing the Act on    
Competition Restrictions.                                                       

The Market Court's decision relates to Lemminkäinen's road-paving operations in 
Finland, which accounted for approx. 10% of the Group's total turnover in 2001. 

The decision of the Market Court shows that the claims made by the Finnish      
Competition Authority were largely rejected. The Court finds that only some     
instances of restriction of competition alleged by the FCA were corroborated by 
evidence with regard to the geographic area and period of time concerned. For   
example, the Market Court holds that the FCA failed to show that allocation of  
markets and co-operation in tendering in respect of paving contracts awarded by 
municipalities and private customers would have been nationwide. Nor did the    
Market Court accept the FCA's allegation that asphalt industry companies would  
have been able to use a cartel to maintain a price level that was, on average,  
ten per cent higher as compared to a situation with genuine competition.        

Lemminkäinen acknowledges that the proceedings at the Market Court have, as     
such, shown that the conduct of business by Lemminkäinen in the Finnish         
road-surfacing market has, to some extent, included aspects that are in         
contravention of competition legislation. Lemminkäinen will not, under any      
circumstances, approve of the use of illegal procedures in its operations. Over 
the years, special efforts have been made within the Group to intensify training
in issues concerning competition law and to provide related instructions.       

Lemminkäinen will appeal the decision to the Supreme Administrative Court. While
the grounds for appeal will be determined in more detail during the 30-day      
appeals period, the main arguments will include at least the following:         

1. Lemminkäinen's reprehensible activities have been even more limited than     
suggested by the Market Court both in terms of the geographical area and the    
period of time concerned.                                                       

2. The Market Court has failed to give due consideration to the extensive       
evidence provided by Lemminkäinen showing that there is genuine competition in  
the road-surfacing sector.                                                      

3. The amount of the competition infringement fine imposed on Lemminkäinen is   
excessive both in the light of the evidence produced and the accepted legal     

The decision shows that the members of the Market Court dissented on both the   
amount of the fine and the criteria for evaluation of evidence. Two of the      
judges, who were in minority, would have decreed a considerably lower           
infringement fine.                                                              

Irrespective of further proceedings, the competition infringement fine imposed  
on Lemminkäinen by the Market Court will be recognised as expenditure in the    
fourth quarter of the current year. Even so, Lemminkäinen's profit for 2007 will
exceed its earnings in 2006.                                                    

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