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                                    16.3.2006 9.55


The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority of Finland has given
permission for the continuation of concrete deliveries to
Olkiluoto nuclear power plant.

Media reports continue to give the false impression that the
interruption of concrete deliveries to Olkiluoto stemmed from
Lemminkäinen’s subsidiary Forssan Betoni Oy having failed to meet
its obligations.

It was initially claimed that the suspension of works at Olkiluoto
was due to deficiencies in the quality of concrete. Subsequently,
it was also claimed that there are deficiencies in Forssan
Betoni’s quality assurance and in the training of its concrete
plant personnel.

Concrete quality

In its stock exchange bulletins date 1.3.2006 and 8.3.2006
Lemminkäinen dismissed the claims concerning concrete quality and
stated that the concrete delivered to Olkiluoto exceeded all the
standards and quality requirements set for it.
Lemminkäinen reiterates that every batch of concrete delivered to
Olkiluoto clearly exceeded the specified strength requirements.
Furthermore, the delivered concrete does not contain excessive air
voids; in fact it exceeds manifold the long-term durability
requirements pertaining to it. The minimal deviation from the
water-cement mix design recommendation of the standards is
insignificant because Forssan Betoni has used a cement quality
higher than that required. This minor deviation was observed in
only one pouring, and in this case the concrete mix was prepared
by the client’s representative at the concrete plant.

The concrete’s long-term durability has been studied by Finland’s
foremost authority in the field of concrete technology, Dr. Vesa
Penttala, Professor of Building Materials Technology at Helsinki
University of Technology. It is clear from the conclusions of
Professor Penttala’s study that the Olkiluoto concrete exceeds
manifold the long-term durability requirements set for it.
Quality assurance

Forssan Betoni has complied with the quality assurance system
which, in accordance with the contract, was submitted to the
client for approval. The concrete plant is under the supervision
of the certification body, Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy. No
deficiencies have been observed in the audits associated with this

The additional requirements that have now been set for quality
assurance concern Teollisuuden Voima and Framatome, which by their
own actions must address this matter to the satisfaction of the
Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority of Finland. Also in this
respect Forssan Betoni has acted in the manner required in the


It has been claimed that there are deficiencies in the training of
the concrete plant personnel. Lemminkäinen affirms that the
professional skill level of Forssan Betoni’s Olkiluoto personnel
is high and that its industrial training is appropriate in all
respects. The issue at stake is that the consortium constructing
the power plant unit should have arranged safety training for the
site staff of all the companies operating on site. In fact just
such a training event was arranged by the consortium on
13.-14.3.2006, after which there was no longer any obstacle in
this respect to the commencement of concrete deliveries.

Lemminkäinen states that Forssan Betoni has fulfilled all of its
contractual obligations and discharged all of the duties pursuant
to them.


Juhani Sormaala
Managing Director

DISTRIBUTION: Helsinki Exchanges, key media