Lemminkäinen wins electrical work contracts on renovation sites in Seinäjoki

LEMMINKÄINEN CORPORATION         PRESS RELEASE         30 May 2012 at 2.45 PM


Lemminkäinen will take care of electical work for the renovations of the Keskuspuisto day care centre and the Pohja school. The renovation project at the Keskuspuisto day care centre also includes expansion work. The projects have been commissioned by Seinäjoen kaupungin tekniikkakeskus (the technical centre of the City of Seinäjoki).

The extension of the Keskuspuisto day care centre will cover 801 m², while the renovation of the existing building covers 786 m². Renovation of the Pohja school will cover a total of 3,200 m². The renovation contract of the Keskuspuisto day care centre amounts to EUR 236,000 and the Pohja school to EUR 380,000.

Both buildings will be renovated as a whole. The Keskuspuisto day care centre will have three new groups of children, accommodating 50 to 60 children. The Pohja school will have modern premises for nearly 150 pupils and 11 teachers. Work at the Keskuspuisto day care centre began in March 2012 and will be completed in August 2012. At the Pohja school, work will run from the beginning of June 2012 until August 2013.

In recent years, Lemminkäinen has participated in several renovation projects of the City of Seinäjoki. These include Seinäjoki Luseum and the primary, secondary and upper secondary school of Peräseinäjoki. Lemminkäinen also has similar projects currently in progress, such as the construction and electric work contracts for the renovation of the Jouppi school and the renovation of Cumulus hotel Seinäjoki (HEPACE and automation).

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